Friday, March 21, 2008

Almost Wet


(The item related to the other “wet” dream)

I was alone in a large house

There was no one around except for me and yet the house was well lit with bright lights. I walked around into the various rooms – except for a few furniture, it was empty. I felt my bladder was full and wanted to use the bathroom to ease myself. But despite my earnest effort to locate it, I could not find any bathrooms.

I was getting desperate. And then a thought come to me – since the house was empty, does it really matter if I could ease myself in other part of the house? I looked around and found a spot. I unzipped my pants and was about to ease myself when something told me that it was not right – the place did not have a place to be washed and I am sure it is not going to be a pretty sight if anyone had discovered it.

So, I held on…it was tough but I held on nonetheless.

Then I woke up and realized that my bladder was indeed full. I walked into the bathroom and after making sure that it was not a dream, I eased myself…

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