Monday, March 17, 2008



(Fancy being hit by this?)

I was in a deserted town but it looks like it was from a story book.

I walked in the streets – alone until I came to a junction and noted a few men, they looked Talibans sitting in a corner with RPG rounds, looking at something up afar. I joined them but no one took notice of me. They were talking something among themselves but I could not hear them.

I looked up and saw that there was an US Army base. Now I realized what these men wanted to to – they wanted to ambush the US convoy which was about to leave the army base. I quickly ran away from these men for I know that the US army will surely hit back. But just as I was running, someone hold my hand – it was an US army special force personal.

There was about 5 of them, heavily camouflaged and been observing the Talibans. They were going to ambush the Talibans instead and asked me to take cover.

But it was too late, bullets started to fly around me...

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