Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easy Win?


(Cheaper prize than a DVD player?)

I was on the street, along rows of shops…

I was right in front of a shop where is there is no door, just one large window. There was a man standing, looking out from the window and at the back, were boxes of computers. It seems like I have just helped to carry the boxes into the shop. As I was leaving, there was an announcement – the lucky draw prices are being handed out.

I looked into my hands and I saw a ticket. It was a lucky draw ticket. And my number was called out. I walked back to the shop and a large box with the words “DELL” was given out to me. Ya, it was a DELL desktop computer. Others were winning laptops but the most expensive item in the draw was a hi-fi system which looked like an ordinary DVD player when was revealed.

Now I wonder how could the less expensive item could be the main prize

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