Sunday, March 16, 2008

Half Clothed


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I was in a large meeting room...

At first, there was no one around but soon, people started to trickle in. Soon, there were about 30 – 40 people sitting around the large conference table with me facing them. I was about to stand up and say something when I realized that I had nothing on except for my underwear. Damn, this was embarrassing! How could I have forgotten to wear my clothes for the meeting? But I was surprised that no one had asked me about my shirt.

Then I realized that me not wearing any shirt was “ok” but then thing is, no one had known that I am not wearing my pants either, for my lower part of the body was hidden by the large conference table. I started speaking but made sure I kept sitting. Soon, it was time for a short break and the crowd started to move out to the next room to have their drinks.

They called me but I could not move – I asked them to go ahead. I stayed motionless until the last person left the room

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