Sunday, March 23, 2008

Late for flight


(8 lane highway but was without any dividers. Picture source:

I was at the bus stop with the whole family…

I noted that there were about 6 chairs outside a door and it was facing an 8 lane highway. It was morning and the traffic was still light. We could not see what is behind the door but after a while, I realized that we were actually standing in front of an airport. If one enters the door, one will be in the airport main building.

But we did not enter Рwe were waiting for someone. It was my brother and he came with his fiance. It seems that all of us were going to take the plane and whilst we have taken the plane before, it was a first time for my brother, who understandably looked worried. There was still time before the departure, so my brother and his fiancé walked away for private chat.

After a while, we realized that they were on the other side of the highway. There was couple of chairs on the other side and it was facing the sea. Time flies fast and soon it was time for departure but my brother was still on the other side of the highway.

We tried to call him but he could not hear us. I was sent to get him and I have no choice but to cross the 8 lane highway. The first 3 lanes were easy – there was hardly any traffic on it. The next 2 was tough but still I managed it.

Suddenly, the traffic started to build up and I was caught in the middle of the highway. I could not move for any slight movement will cause me to be in the right path of speeding vehicles.

I was stuck and time was ticking for us to take the plane…

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