Tuesday, March 18, 2008

War of the World


I was in the office

I was doing my work when I heard on the radio that something is happening on the highway, very near to the office block. As I watched from the window, I noticed people are running away, as if something was chasing them. It took me some time to see what it was – “tripods” similar to the tripods last seen in Steven Spielberg’s War of the World.

It was walking up slow and crushing the cars stranded on the highway. Unfortunate people were taken up without any mercy. The tripods were moving towards the office block. I was about to join the people below when I realized that some people were moving towards the roof.

Against my better judgment, I decided to join the people to the roof. I ran up and when I reached the rooftop, I saw a huge UFO – taking in the people. Someone from the control motioned me to quickly ran in, which I did so without much hesitation. As I just ran into the UFO, it took off and the office block was blown off by the tripod.

It tried to shoot the UFO but we were faster than the tripods – we managed to fly off faster than them. After a while, the UFO landed on a plain field far away from the city – it looked peaceful here. We climbed out from the UFO and walked on the field.

Just then, we saw the tripods again – we tried to escape again in the UFO but unfortunately the UFO was closing in faster this time around.

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