Monday, April 7, 2008

Glossy Danger


(Imagine this in a glossy shiny black)

Another sci-fi dream

There was an aircraft landed at the field nearby the house. It looked like a Boeing 747 from far but when it had landed, the size of the aircraft was not larger than a small scooter. There was crowd gathered at the field when it landed but no one knew where it came from. Someone said that it had marking of a Middle East country but I was not sure about it.

Then someone pried open the craft but when it was opened, there was nothing much in it. There was strands of wires inside it and just when one was about close back the craft, an black slithery animal (it looked like a mixture of a large leech and beaver) crawled out from the wires and immediately ran into a nearby person’s leg.

It vanishes as it hit the leg. Soon, the person’s leg turned black and when that happened, the animal reappeared and again, jumped into another person’s leg. It went so until this animal was caught and was quarantined. Someone proposed to kill with poison but when this was done, the animal split into 2 and each of it grow into a larger animal. With 2 on the loose, it was getting more dangerous.

Someone managed to lock down the animal into a large thick glass and left it there while everyone was thinking on how to kill this animal. Someone tried electrocuting the animal and whilst it had some effect on it, the animal survived and it was getting wilder. We got worried that the glass that was holding the animal would break.

The last option was to drown it but no one knew what would happen then.

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