Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Orange Stairs


(Picture source: BBC)

I was standing along a row of houses…

There 4 houses in the row and I recognized 3 of the 4 houses. The remaining one house was locked and the windows were closed. I went into the houses that were not locked and I met some friends there. While we were having our drinks, I asked about the sole house that was locked.

No one seems to know why the door and windows are locked. It was late in the afternoon as I stroll by and stood in front of the closed house. I pushed the door but it was locked. I tried again but this time a bit harder and the door opened slightly. I was fired up and pushed again – something in me kept me on the attempt to open the door.

The door finally opened wide open and what I saw left me in wonder and nervousness. There was nothing but a winding dim orange staircase all the way up. And at the end of the staircase, I saw some shadows of men with rifles. They were guarding something at the top, unaware of me at the bottom.

Suddenly one of them noticed the door was opened and started to look down. He aimed his rifle at me but missed by inches. I managed to escape but when I tried to close the door, it did not move. I noticed the men climbing down the staircase and they were after me.

My only option now it seems is to dive into one of the houses.

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