Tuesday, April 22, 2008



(Chasing a thief. Picture source: http://www.blackindustries.com)

He was slick and fast…

A thief was running and in his hand was my bag. The thief has stolen it from me and was running. I gave a chase – he was out of reach but not out of sight. After couple of minutes of chasing him through the neighborhood, I spotted him entering a bus. I run faster and was in time to hold on to the back of the bus.

The thief has not spotted me – I saw him sitting down in the bus, my bag still in his hands. Suddenly he turned and noticed me – he quickly got down from the bus and ran towards a house. He was so near that I almost caught him but when he reached the house, he jumped and enter a hole in the ceiling. I could not do the same, so I waited and noted that he was making his way out to the other side of the house.

I ran and waited for him – he appeared and walked towards a dead end. He was cornered and had no place to run. There was high fence on his right which I thought he would try to climb it but to my surprise, he did not do so. But instead, he threw my bag over the fence and when I was distracted by this, he gave a slip and escaped.

Although it looked like I got my bag back, I am not so convinced that the thief is letting his loot off so easily. Somehow I was worried that the thief would run to the other side of the fence and get my bag back. So, I started to climb the fence as fast as I could – before the thief comes back.

When I reached the other side, only then I realized that I have made a mistake – the other side was the thief’s den and I am now confronted by many thieves who emerged from their hiding place.

I retreated slowly with the bag safely in my hands.

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Danny Foo said...

If this were real, the police would have much obliged cracking down on them...I think.