Monday, April 21, 2008

Water Chaos


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I was in an island with couple of people

It looked like we were stranded on the island but we were not without any luxury. There was a building just near the beach but it was not fully built up. Construction was on-going. But on that day, all of us was sitting by the beach and looking out to the sea. There was a storm brewing up far ahead and we saw flashes of lightning and dark skies.

Then something that looked like a tornado started to form couple of miles from the beach, sucking up the sea water into the clouds in rather a violent way. Although it left us in wonders, we noticed that it was inching towards the beach. The tornado was getting more violent as it was moving towards the beach.

We got worried and wondered how safe we will be if the tornado hits the beach. We scrambled to find a safe place – the only viable one is the half built building. The foundation looks strong, so we held on to it when the tornado finally hits us.

All around us was chaos – sand, water, debris flying around us as we held more tightly.

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