Wednesday, May 21, 2008



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There was an eerie silence at the battlefield…

I laid down my gun on the snow and looked around. There was no other soul to be seen for miles. There were some patches of smokes far away but I did not have the urge to go there. Something tells me to walk away from it. Walk away fast. I looked on the other side and saw nothing but snow for miles and miles.

There was a blizzard coming and I know that I need to make my move soon. I had thick clothes on, so I was warm and cozy. I walked away from the patches of smoke. I must have walked for several miles when the blizzard hits me. Visibility was down to almost zero but I kept on walking.

I was not sure whether I had walked in circles in the blizzard but still I did not stop. After a while, the blizzard down and I found myself standing in front of a small settlement. There were several houses in this settlement but all looks abandoned. I looked up ahead and see nothing but snow. It looked like another blizzard was coming up soon and it was getting dark too. Walking in a blizzard at night would have been suicidal. I decided to take my chances tonight by staying in the settlement. I shouted out but no one responded. I walked around the settlement until I knew for sure that there was no one else in this place.

I opened the door of the first house and entered. I was surprised to see it warm on the inside. There was a good stock of food and drink in the kitchen and there was enough protection from the bitter coldness of the outside. I sat down with a cup of hot coffee in my hands – it felt good after the long walk in the blizzard. I looked around the room - there was some photos on the wall and on one corner, something that looked like weather charts. There was some weird gadgets on the table on the other corner.

Despite of this, there was no one on sight – I wondered whether these people will be back soon and whether they will be hostile. I was thinking about this when someone entered the house.

Damn, I should have brought my gun along…

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