Friday, May 2, 2008

Swat Robbers


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It was a slick operation – 2 teams in 2 black BMWs, fully armed to the teeth and in full amour.

There were 8 of us and there is only sole mission – to commit the perfect robbery. I was in the first car with 3 others – 2 was in commando masks whilst the other, girl was busy checking her automatic rifle. The other was not far from us and both cars were driven fast.

We were approaching an exclusive hotel where the robbery supposes to take place. From far, we could see that the entrance was heavily defended by the police and personal bodyguards. Suddenly the car behind us overtakes us and head straight to the entrance.

It was a diversion – the location of our target was not at the front but to the back of the hotel. Our car swirled to the left and enters an unguarded entrance. From afar we could hear gunshots but we did not stop. We continued until we reach a door. The team disembarked and 2 took up position at the entrance whilst me and the girl, now both in mask enters the door.

Inside, we came to a bedroom and we saw a man who was fleeing from us. We managed to catch him but then we realized that he had a bomb attached to his body. The timer was running and he was holding the detonator.

The girl managed to defuse the bomb and was about to shoot the man when the man told us where he hid the money – all 14 suitcases of cold hard cash. It did not take us long to load into our car and drove fast.

We did not know what happened to the other car but minutes later, we got a message that they have safely made it back without any casualties.

I was smiling at the girl as we were counting the money, did we just pulled the perfect robbery?

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