Monday, June 30, 2008

Accident at the Supermarket

Damn, the car park at the supermarket was full.

I must have driven 2 full cycles to look for an empty spot. From far I saw one. And before anyone else could park their car there, I sped off and reached this empty spot. The spot was vacant alright but the car in front had taken part of the vacant spot.

Who was the idiot who parked his car on the 2 parking spot, I asked myself as I was contemplating on what to do next. Looking for another spot was out of the question.

Then a sinister thought came to me. What if I gently “push” the intruding car back to its spot? It was almost at a snail pace when I inched closer to the car in front. As my car touched, I noticed the car in front started to move back to its spot. I was making good progress.

When it was back on its rightful spot, I stopped pushing. But the car in front did not stop moving, it continued to move backwards and it was gaining speed too.

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I watched in horror as the car picks up speed and hit another parked car rather violently. The damages to the 2 cars were severe. I looked in horror and then realized that it was a mistake pushing the car out. I noticed that there was no one around, so I decided to get away from this mess.

Just then I looked up and noticed that there is a driver and passengers in the wrecked car, the one that I pushed out. Horror turned into anger. Why the driver did not stopped his car in? Why waited in silence for the accident to happen? A small crowd started to gather around the site.

Surprisingly there was no emotion from the people in the car – they continued to sit inside it expressionless. They almost look like…mannequins.

Ironically the crowd that gathered quietly dispensed – as if the crash was meant to be so

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Superman said...

So, are you involving in Push-and-run accident? But seriously, why people park 2 car slot and leave it just like this. Such an irresponsible act. I hate those who take away other people's parking slot, just how big is our car and how bad your parking skill is.