Monday, June 16, 2008

Drugs & Worms


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The four were best friends…

Taking life easy, the four had been on the wild side of life, often hooked on drugs and night parties. To get the drugs and often methamphetamine (often known as ice), the four would do legal and illegal things.

There is one instance when the four even helped the drug dealers to smuggle drugs and guns, just to get their hands on the daily supply of drugs.

It has been a long and hard day when one of the four limped back to the entrance of the hospital. His legs have been hardened, almost as concrete in texture and feeling. The leg felt so brittle. The one who limped back showed his friends on his legs – the years of taking drugs is finally showing its dark side.

There were worms growing in the legs – it was burrowing deep inside the hardened legs. And when someone tries to dig the worms out, the parts of the hardened leg starts to break off revealing more worms inside the leg. Some worms were in green, others in white.

All was left the end was just bare bones – all due to irresistible appetite for drugs.

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