Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wild Animal


(Image source: http://slackerrevolution.com)

The streets were empty…

There were some lights up in the windows of the darken buildings. There is a wall surrounding the buildings and me in it. The air was cold and yet I was sweating - for what I did not know for sure. From afar, I thought I heard a growl. I did not feel safe.

I walked towards the wall when I saw perched on the top of it, a white lion. It looked mean and hungry and was walking towards me. As I stepped back and slowly turned, I saw a couple of people were facing a tiger. Were wild animals on the loose? I remembered the windows that had lights on. Can someone up there help me?

I managed to run up the staircase and knocked on the door. I opened the door and saw an old man sitting behind a table. The light was seemed dimmer in the inside. I tried to tell him about the wild animals but the old man looked unconcerned.

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