Wednesday, July 2, 2008



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I was outside a house on a hill...

I turned and saw a friend walking towards me. After a short chat, he informed me that his uncle is thinking of selling off his house. His uncle was my neighbor, couple of houses away. I know his uncle had a beautiful house and a large land surrounding it. His uncle was staying there alone and often my friend and I would spend our time there. So, when I heard that his uncle is thinking of selling off his house, I need to know why.

We walked to the house whilst looking at the hill just above the house. My friend’s uncle was in front of the house, jovial as usual. He admitted that there have been offers to buy his house for several hundred thousand cash but he has declined so far. Something about the house makes him to have a second thought.

We walked to the back of the house where there was large concrete ponds and where the uncle reared fishes on the pond. We were busy looking at the fish when we noticed a big car driving up to the house. An aged man walked out from the car carrying a large suitcase.

We went to greet the man – he was wearing a simple T-shirt and a short pants. His hair was white, his face was calm and his body was well built. He greeted us politely and humbly. He looked around at the house and came to the porch and put his suitcase on the table. He told the uncle that he wanted to buy the house and just when the uncle wanted to say that he had changed his mind on selling the house, the man opens up the suitcase and says “3 million – cash”.

We were speechless…

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