Sunday, July 20, 2008

The City King & Forest King Part 1

(Dreamed in parts, updated for clarity and continuity. This work is not allowed to be republished without consent)

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The medieval traveler wanted to seek help from a kingdom deep down in a forest in a far away land. But he has been forewarned that along his journey, he will be confronted by a path leading to a beautiful city which unfortunately is ruled by a ruthless king and his draconian army. Despite of the richness of the city, the residents led a miserable life.

Travelers who mistakenly ventured into this city more than often end up in the city’s many dungeons.

The kingdom that this traveler wanted to go has been in fact fighting the evil king of the beautiful city for sometime now. As such the traveler took heed of the warning and started his journey cautiously. After several days into his travel, he was greeted by 2 pillars – one was right on his path whilst another on a far left. Recalling the warning of the city, the traveler walked away from these pillars and continued with his journey.

But after several steps, the pillars are seen on his path again. He tries to walk away several times but nothing changes – the pillar remains on his path. He knew that he need to pass by one the pillar and after a long thought, he decided to walk pass the pillar on the far left.

He walked in and finds himself in a beautiful city. Everyone were on their best clothes and on their best behaviors. The traveler left standing in wonder when one of the residents walked towards him. He greeted the traveler and welcomed him to the city. He told the traveler that he has made the right decision of entering the city using the left pillar. If he had walked by the right pillar, he would have been caught by the evil king’s army.

The traveler was not convinced and still on the lookout for the army to be coming along to catch him. The resident continued and informed that due to a treaty years ago, the city was divided into 2 main areas – the one on the right is taken up by the king and his army. The residents there been suffering since then but they are not allowed to cross over to the left side of the city which is govern by a group of residents.

Life is much better on the left side of the city – for residents and for the occasional travelers.

(To be continued)

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