Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The City King & Forest King Part 2

(Dreamed in parts, updated for clarity and continuity. This work is not allowed to be republished without consent)

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The traveler stayed in the left city for a few days, learning about the city, the king and the army.

He also learned the tricks on how to avoid the pillars if he encounters them again in his journey. After a few days stay, he left and continued with his journey. He encountered the pillars several times during his journey but he used the trick which he has learned to avoid them. Soon, he reached the outskirt of the forest kingdom and soon was greeted by the border guards.

They have been expecting this traveler and immediately he was brought in to see the king of the forest kingdom. The king was a young man, who has inherited the kingdom from his father who had died valiantly fighting the king of the city. The young king was happy to see the traveler and was overjoyed to learn about the left city.

The young king threw a small celebration for the traveler and they drank and eat the whole night whilst hearing the traveler’s stories and adventures. When the traveler spoke, everyone listened in silence for he was not an ordinary traveler. The drinking and eating is over, everyone left except for the young king and the traveler. The king stood up and looked at the full moon. Something was bothering him but before the traveler asked him about him, the king wished the traveler and left for chambers.

A few days later, the young king announced that he wanted to explore the city by himself. He was determined to go and no one could stop for he was the king and his words are the law of the kingdom. The king refused to be accompanied by the royal body guards as he wanted to hide his true identity when he is in the city.

On the day, the young king was leaving his kingdom to see the city; he was reminded by the traveler to take the left pillar. The king confidently said that he knows what to do and asked the traveler to enjoy the peace and rest of his kingdom whilst he is away. He gave his words to his loyal ministers, subjects and his guards that he shall return in the next 7 days.

It was almost in the late evening when the king left the center of his forest kingdom. His border guards followed him without his notice in silence rest of the way and until the outskirts of the forest kingdom and stopped.

(To be continued)

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