Sunday, July 27, 2008

The City King & Forest King Part 3

(Dreamed in parts, updated for clarity and continuity. This work is not allowed to be republished without consent)

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The young king walked for days, often stopping by small streams and big trees for rest and to recollect his thoughts. It has been a very long time since he has been outside his forest kingdom and without any palace advisors and personal bodyguards, he felt freer to roam around. The world is indeed bigger than his forest kingdom.

It was not long before he came facing the 2 giant pillars – one on the far left. But the young king, in his excitement for the last few days has forgotten the traveler’s warning and walked pass the pillar on the right.

He reached the city center but the roads were deserted. Except for a few dim lights at the windows above, he did not see any doors opened - as if he had entered a ghost town. Certainly the city that he is in now was not like the city that the traveler had told him where the city was full of color and friendly people. The traveler, damn, the young king remembers now – he remembered the warning not to take the right pillar.

The young king heard loud footsteps and he was afraid – the city king was known to be merciless when it comes to trespassers and the last thing that the young king wanted now is for him to be caught or worse. The young king looked for a hiding place but found none. He saw a small door opened at one of the biggest house in the center. The house was surrounded by high gates. The young king took his chance, climbed over the high gates and entered the door. He was lucky for just when he had slipped into the door and out of sight, he saw a large group of angry looking guards at the city center. It seems like they were looking for someone.

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The young king moved deeper into the house which looked deserted too. He found some food to eat and something to drink. Having nothing else to do and too risky to venture outside, the king decided to stay in this house. He found a cozy but hidden spot to spend the night. Just when he wanted to go to sleep, he heard something coming from the front of the house.

He sneaked out and from a good hiding spot, he saw a group of men at the fireplace – they looked like generals of the army. They were discussing something and looked unhappy. One of them, who seem to be leader of the group, stood up and said that they have no other choice but to proceed as planned.

Just then, there was a loud knock on the door and the door was opened, a man and a young girl entered the room. The young king recognized the man – he was the city king and the young girl must be his princess (he has heard that the city king had a daughter). There was an eerie silence.

The city king looked unhappy and the generals looked frightened.

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