Thursday, August 14, 2008

Journey to Green Planet – Part 1

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The 4 space traveler landed on the green planet - 2 men and 2 women.

There were signs of life when the planet was first spotted and over a month, the space travelers have been on orbit studying the planet and its inhabitants. There were primitive humans on the planet – most of them are nomads.

The primitives lived naked except for some head gears and they often move around the hunting ground for several months and then move toward south during the winter. The space travelers have been observing the migration pattern for some time and have decided to land on the planet surface to observe these primitive humans closer.

At first, so as to not startle the primitives on the first encounter, the space travelers observed them from a hiding place. But as days goes by, they managed to reveal themselves and started to mingle with primitives. Language is still a big obstacle but the space travelers have learned read the sign languages.

Some primitives are still hostile to the space travelers, so the space travelers stayed far enough to observe them.

One day, the space travelers were in their camp going through some notes when they heard a large noise. It sounded as if a large space craft was landing nearby. When they went out, they saw a large space craft hovering couple of meters away from the surface. It looks like the space craft have not spotted the space traveler’s camp. A large door opened and several mean looking robots with heavy weapons came out.

Obviously they were looking for something or someone.

The robots however did not disturb the primitives and in fact seems to avoid them completely. The space travelers soon realized that the robots have been here before and quite familiar with the native life-forms.

The space travelers were quick enough to dismantle their camp and hide away. However the robots have picked up their trail and started to move towards the space travelers. They had to leave the camp behind – they moved away in time before the robots arrived.

(To be continued)

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