Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Journey to Green Planet – Part 2

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Nothing having their gears with them created problems for the space travelers but it did stop the robots from pursuing them, at least for now.

From far, they could see more robots being deployed to their old camp site – many of the robots seems to be having special probe sensors. The space travelers knew that it will not be long before the robots picks up their trail and go after them. They needed to be on the move again.

To be on the safe side, the space travelers decided to change their appearance – they have seen how the robots did not bother to confront the primitives. The space travelers knew that they need to look like the primitives as well. They took off their space suits and looked for a spot to hide them. All 4 of them were left standing naked – getting adjusted to the elements. They decided to visit the primitives that they have met and mingled earlier.

If they can blend in, they stand a better chance of getting unnoticed by the robots.

Leaving the women behind, the men walked towards the primitive’s camp. If the robots were waiting for the men at the camp, at least the women could escape. The men walked in but noticed that there were no robots to be seen. But the primitives not used to see the space travelers naked were hostile when the men first approached them. It took sometime before the primitives recognized them.

Using the sign-language that the space travelers have learned in the past months, the men explained to the primitives about the robots. Although the primitives could not understand why the robots been probing the space traveler’s camp, they decided to help.

The men were happy and were about to call the women to join them when a huge robot descended on the primitives’ camp and beamed a bright lights on each of the primitives. The men could not move – it won’t be long before they will be next to be probed by the huge robot’s lights.

The men stood frozen in fear. The probe light was getting nearer…

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