Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Missing Medical Officer

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The captain and the medical officer were beamed down on the alien planet.

Each of them has a ring with a small button on it. It is a crucial piece of equipment for the away team – the ring has a tracker and health stats indicator. One press of the button, the ship will know where they are and will beam them back to the ship.

The captain and the medical officer started to walk towards a small settlement which they picked up as they approached the planet. The captain reminded the medical officer to activate the cloaking device – they do not want anyone to detect them whilst they are on a secret mission on the planet. The last thing they need is an intergalatic war breaking up at this part of solar system.

Upon reaching the settlement, the captain and the medical officer parted their way and went to the designated area. There was no time to lose - the mission must be done before the alien ship lands on this planet.

It was sometime before the captain had done his part and came back to the place where they had earlier parted. There was no sign of the medical officer. The captain walked to where the medical officer suppose to go – there were no sign of the medical officer but something else caught the captain’s eyes – a young woman had the ring with the button of it. Immediately the captain knew that it belonged to his medical officer but how did this woman got his ring?

What had happened to the medical officer?

The captain had no choice but to uncloaked himself and approached the young woman. Just as he was about to speak, the young woman saw him and recognised him. She said that she have been looking for him. No time for details but the medical officer has been caught and he is locked up in an heavily guarded dungeon, waiting for his execution.

The captain knows that his ship needs to track the medical officer and beam him back before the execution. But without the ring, the question is how…

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