Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Sniper

(Image source: http://img.dailymail.co.uk)

There was very little room for the sniper.

He had travelled through an underground tunnel and had found a good spot in a large empty pipe facing a busy market place. The opening was small enough for anyone to notice the sniper but big enough for the sniper to pick his target and have a clean shot.

The sniper however was very cautious – his “one shot, one kill” rule has been his motto since he graduated from Special Ops. He and his customized sniper rifle have taken down targets many regarded as the enemy of the state, rebels and even trouble makers. He knows no other rules other than the one given by his superior officers.

Tonight he is on a mission – he can’t afford any failures. He has not done till now and he is not going to do one tonight.

It was almost in the evening and it was raining. It rained throughout the night. Unfortunately for the sniper, the rain water was dripping down the pipe and had started to slowly flood the area where the sniper had been laying down, aiming towards the market place for his target. A bit of rain water did not bother him as he has been trained to ignore such inconvenience. He was with the elements now. He stays focused.

Night turns morning and the market place now is busy with shoppers and sellers.

But no one had noticed the sniper hidden away in the empty pipe, on full alert and waiting for his target in complete silence.

The sniper spots his target...

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