Friday, August 29, 2008

Steel Bars

(Similar steel bars. Image source :

I must have dozed off…

I woke up and found myself at a corner of the roof on a tall building. I looked down and noticed I was sitting on steel bars.

The tall building did not have any floors or walls. It only had steel bars crossing along the 4 corners and down each floors. The building must be 40 stories high and I was on the 40th floor.

The wind was blowing fast now and it almost knocked me off the precarious position that I was in.

I looked down and there was a high plunge down – I could not see the ground. The steel bars were all in red and was well bolted. But it allow a small space for me to sit in – one wrong move will have me plunging to the ground, 40 stories down.

I did not move and continued to sit at the corner…

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