Monday, August 11, 2008

Up on the Wall

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(This was weird)

I was in the office working…

Then I realized that it was time to go but then I realized my car was parked in another building. I started walking towards the building but the building keeps go away afar. Just then, a car stopped in front of me and the door was opened.

When I looked into the car, I saw my friend at driver’s seat. He took me to the building where my car was parked. As we walked towards the parking lot, we noticed that the place was in a mess. There was too many cars parked at the lot – it won’t be easy to drive out the car. It took sometime before we could get the car out and this time, I was driving the car with my friend sitting on the passenger side.

We travelled for several kilometers and then we noticed something ahead. In front of us was a tall building, probably 40 stories high and it was right on the path of the road. Instead of slowing down, I pressed on the accelerators. I thought the car will ram the building but instead the car moved up the walls and continued moving at a very fast pace.

There was no gravity to pull down the car but it moved on the walls as if it is moving on a normal road. I even tried to slow down but we were still stuck on the wall without failing. When we finally reached the top, I slammed on brakes and surprised to see a highway connected to the building’s rooftop. The highway was empty but on each side of the highway, there was a dense forest.

We moved towards the highway…

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