Thursday, September 11, 2008

Steel Ladder

(Image source: Flickr)

The steel ladder was cold…

I looked up, the ladder went on but I could not see the start of the ladder. I looked down and it was the same case. I looked around and found that the surrounding was dark and had very little light to see. Clearly I was in some shaft – it was cold & breathable. I anticipated my next move – should I climb up or climb down. Where was the ground? Up or down? I felt a cold wind blowing from the bottom, so I decided to climb down.

My hands were aching now – it must have been hours, me climbing down but I still could not see the end. I wondered whether I made the mistake of climbing down. Perhaps I should have climbed up. Nonetheless I continued climbing down. Suddenly I saw a platform. When I reached the platform, I noticed that there were no doors and the ladder continued to go down under the platform. Although I did not reach the ground, the platform was a welcome stop – it allowed me to take a rest before I proceed to climb down.

I looked down, the ladder continued down – the ground nowhere in sight

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