Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The 5 wise bloggers

(The story below written was based on a dream)

It was a plan concocted by 5 prominent bloggers in the kingdom…

It was a plan to know exactly how far the blogsphere can shape and move the life of an ordinary citizen. Words was spread through the blogsphere by these 5 prominent bloggers that there will be a big rally against the establishment. Well, the word “big” was an understatement. The largest…ya, that’s more correct.

Short messages – Sunday, men on the right, women on the left was all that was posted in the blogsphere but it was more than enough to inspire the masses to move to the place of meet on Sunday morning. From afar the 5 prominent bloggers was watching closely. They almost smiled.

Thousands of men and women on the opposite side of the square, ready to clash and emerge as winners. There was someone shouting in the masses and suddenly the big group clashed. Some were seriously injured and whilst some was left to dead in the confusion.

When the dust settled down, everyone started to ask what had happened. They went back to the Internet and started reading the blog posts of the 5 prominent bloggers. The post has been changed. It now reads Sunday evening, men and women against the establishment. The men and women march back to the square, ready to clash again when they were surrounded by heavily armed police. Both clashed. The police seem to be on the losing end. They were reinforced but that is not stopping the determined men and women from winning the fight.

From afar, the 5 prominent bloggers were now indeed laughing. They had the powers to move the masses. They have seen it working. They knew it was true. That is why the Government is so afraid of them.

It was time to execute the plan…

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