Friday, December 4, 2009

3 Children

I was asleep when I heard some sound. 

I woke up and noticed that there were 3 small children standing in front of me. I noticed that my throat and lips were dry. So, I took the bottle of water which was nearby and drank some of the water. The 3 children kept quiet and did not show any reactions. I offered them my water as I felt that their throats must be dry. They took the bottle and then drank the water. They however did not say anything to me. 

Realizing that they can take care of themselves, I woke up and started to walk to a bus station at the front. When I turned around and looked back, one of the children was holding a shotgun. The child was not aiming at me but rather was playing with the shotgun with others. Suddenly the shotgun went off and blew one of the children’s head. 

The police arrived shortly and keeping asking the children what had happened but the children remained silent. One kept looking at me.

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