Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Large Statues

Statue of the Tantric goddess Kali from Dakshi...Image via Wikipedia
I was in India visiting a large ancient temple somewhere in Chennai

A guide was waiting for us at the temple entrance and from the entrance, I was not able to see the whole temple complex. The guide took us into the temple structure and at the deep end of the structure, there was a small room. We entered the room and noticed a small staircase leading up but I could not see the end of the stairs. 

We walked up and we must have walked for almost an hour when we noticed a glimpse of light. We were now at the rooftop and at the very top, there was smaller temple ground with some idols. I walked to the edge and noticed that we are now almost 15 stories high. 

And just in front of me, leading from the temple ground was 2 huge statues - one I could easily recognized - it was the statue of Kali Ma - it look scary to others but to the worshipers, it looked grand, colorful and comforting. I could not see the other statue but it was at the same height with the statue of Kali Ma. At the very end of the ground, I could see people - they looked so tiny. 

A small breeze of wind blew as I looked at the horizon - I could not see any other structures but the temple structures. I felt very peaceful despite seeing the 2 huge statues.

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